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SREM papers

doc I. Sandberg, I.A. Daglis, A. Anastasiadis, P. Bühler, P. Nieminen, H. Evans, Unfolding and Validation of SREM Fluxes, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 59, 1105 (2012)
doc M. Siegl, H.D.R.Evans, E.J. Daly, G. Santin, P.J. Nieminen, P. Bühler, Inner Belt Anisotropy Investigations Based on the Standard Radiation Environment Monitor (SREM), IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 57, 2017 (2010)
doc M. Siegl, Standard radiation environment monitor: simulation and inner belt flux anisotropy investigation, Master Thesis, Lulea University of Technology (2009)
doc H.D.R. Evans, P. Bühler, W. Hajdas, E.J. Daly, P. Nieminen, A. Mohammadzadeh, Results from the ESA SREM monitors and comparison with existing radiation belt models, Advances in Space Research 42, 1527 (2008)
doc A. Mohammadzadeh, H. Evans, P. Nieminen, E. Daly, P. Vuilleumier, P. Bühler, C. Eggel, W. Hajdas, N. Schlumpf, A. Zehnder, J. Schneider, R. Fear, The ESA Standard Radiation Environment Monitor program first results from PROBA-I and INTEGRAL, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Scie. 50, 2272 (2003)
doc W. Hajdas, P. Bühler, C. Eggel, P. Favre, A. Mchedlishvili, A. Zehnder, Radiation environment along the INTEGRAL orbit measured with the IREM monitor, Astron. Astrophys. 411, L43-L47 (2003)
doc W. Hajdas, A. Zehnder, L. Adams, P. Bühler, R. Harboe-Sorensen, M. Daum, R. Nickson, E. Daly, P. Nieminen, Proton Irradiation Facility and Space Radiation Monitoring at the Paul Scherrer Institute, Physica Medica XVII, Supplement 1, 119 (2000)
doc P. Bühler, A. Zehnder, L. Desorgher, W. Hajdas, E. Daly, and L. Adams, Simple instruments for continuous measurements of trapped particles, ESA Symposium on Environment Modeling for Space-based Applications SP-392, 87 (1996)

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PSI annual reports

doc 2000, First data from SREM in space
doc PSI spectrum article (german)

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Technical notes

doc SREM SRD for data analysis software
doc Electron and doc Proton response matrix of SREM aboard Strv1c
doc Electron and doc Proton response matrix of SREM aboard Proba-1
doc Electron and doc Proton response matrix of IREM (SREM aboard Integral)
doc PROBA1/SREM data processing report
doc Rosetta/SREM TM format description
doc Rosetta/SREM commissioning report
doc GIOVEB/SREM TM format description
doc GIOVEB/SREM first six month in orbit
doc Herschel/Planck/SREM TM format description
doc Planck/SREM SOVT2 summary
doc Note on Counts-to-Flux unfolding methods for SREM

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doc Analysis of data from the SREM units observed during solar events, Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing, National Observatory of Athens, Greece

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