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V0 files
Contain ephemeris and SREM count-rate data.

Level 1 files
Contain ephemeris data and secondary products of SREM count-rate data: proton differential fluxes FPDO at proton energies FPDO_Energy, electron differential fluxes FEDO at electron energies FEDO_Energy, quality variables FPDO_Quality and FEDO_Quality. The differential fluxes have been derived using a dedicated unfolding technique over pre-defined energies. The unfolding technique is based on the regularized Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) method. More details can be found in Sandberg et al., IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 59 (2012) 1105,
DOI: 10.1109/TNS.2012.2187216.

Level 2 files
Contain the same variables as in Level 1 files. The values in the FPDO_Energy and FEDO variables have been rescaled according to cross-calibration studies between Level 1 data and selected reference datasets. SEPEM Reference Dataset v2.0 (i.e. GOES/EPS fluxes cross-calibrated with IMP-8/GME) has been selected as reference dataset for proton fluxes, while RBSP/MAGEIS spin averaged datasets has been selected as reference dataset for electron fluxes. The values in the flux quality variables FQDO_Quality provide recommendations on the use of the values stored in the FQDO variables according to the table below (Q=P,E).

FQDO_Quality variables
Case Comment Recommendation
FQDO_Quality=0 SREM count-rate data determined by charged particle fluxes Q. Use FQDO
FQDO_Quality=1 SREM count-rate data most likely determined by charged particle fluxes Q. Use FQDO with some caution
FQDO_Quality=2 SREM count-rate contaminated by various sources. None criterion is satisfied Do not use FQDO
FQDO_Quality=3 SREM count-rate dominated by fluxes of non-Q particles. Do not use FQDO
FQDO_Quality=5 SREM count-rate data dominated by background (cosmic, detector electronics) Do not use FQDO

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Summary plots, data coverage, and data format descriptions

Summary plots Temporal Coverage Format descriptions
Strv-1c Not available Available Available
PROBA1 Available Available Available
Integral Available Available Available
Rosetta Available Available Available
GIOVE-B Available on request Available on request Available on request
Herschel Available Available Available
Planck Available Available Available

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